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Jenne Mocko is a Preschool Intervention and Referral Team member and has dedicated her career to helping children with special needs. She now needs our help. Her 17 year old son was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and is trying to raise some money to help with this heavy burden. A few months ago, Jake, started feeling pain in his lower back. Over-the-counter pain meds and physical therapy did not relieve him of the constant pain. They were told they call a neurologist, who after hearing of his symptoms, immediately recommended he get an MRI. To their shock, a very large tumor was discovered in his spine. They were told it was benign, but surgery for removal was scheduled right away. They removed most of the mass, but pieces wrapped around his spinal cord were unreachable. Jake was left with no mobility in his legs and arms and was left with a loss of feeling in his mid-section. Click here to read more on their GoFundMe page.